3pm- Donald Trump calls the election process rigged. Are we headed for a contested convention? 

3:15pm- Ted Cruz collected all 34 Colorado state delegates.

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3:50pm- A father has been accused of murder after leaving his child in car.

4pm- The Boston Globe bashes Donald Trump by publishing a parody front page.

4:30pm- Disney released the trailer for Star Wars Rogue One, due for release on December 16th.

4:50pm- PA delegates are starting to get attention over the fact that they will not be bound at the GOP convention.

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5pm- Is Kasich angling to be Trumps’ Vice President?

5:15pm- GOP strategist, Alex Castellanos, says that Ted Cruz has no value to the Republican party once Donald Trump is no longer a threat.

5:30pm- President Obama guarantees that Hillary Clinton will not receive any special treatment from the Justice Department and insured that none of her emails jeopardized national security.

5:45pm- Hillary Clinton blames Vermont guns for violence in New York.

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