PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — I’m thrilled with the response that we’re getting to our project to get on the record the candidates for delegate in the area’s congressional districts. The Washington Post last week had a study that indicated that fewer than 200 delegates that are completely unbound and can vote as they wish on all ballots at the Republican Convention. Pennsylvania has fifty-four of those delegates and clearly could decide who the nominee will be.

We have gotten in written form and sometimes in interviews on my show the views of about seventy-five percent of the candidates. Many have pledged to vote on the first ballot for the candidate that gets the most votes in their congressional district. A few have said they will make their own decision independent of any vote.

I know this surveying has really keyed me into the importance of the delegate vote on April 26th, primary day. I’ll be working to get her candidate on the record from the First, Second, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Thirteenth congressional districts.

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