By Mike Dougherty

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The grass is clipped, the lines and logos are painted and Citizen’s Bank Park is ready to go for Opening Day.

Months of preparation have come down to this. One final day to get the turf ready for play.

Field operations manager Jeremy Wilt says Opening Day is a lot of prep.

“A lot of fertilizing and mowing,” Wilt said.

A weekend of snow and cold temperatures didn’t help the cause. Wilt says the perfectly drawn lines in the lawn is a technique that takes lots of practice.

“When you see the light stripe, that’s the mower going away from you,” he said. “And when you see the dark stripe, that’s the mower coming towards you. It’s laying the leaf blade over.”

Wilt is also in charge of painting the Opening Day logos on the field. He uses a giant stencil and says it’s actually a lot easier than it probably looks.

“It’s a big piece of plastic with a bunch of holes cut into it that look like the logo, and then it’s basically connect the dots.”

Even if he makes a mistake, the paint washes away easily with some water.