PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — John David Danielson, from The Federalist, spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about Ted Cruz’s victory over Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary, intimating that the electoral tide could be turning against the billionaire front runner.

Danielson said it appears the electorate is starting to see through Trump’s bluster and braggadocio.

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“Voters in Wisconsin, who tend to be more sensitive to nuances of political campaigns and of policy, the more they saw of Trump, the more they saw of the Trump campaign, the more they were turned off. I think that may a microcosm of what will happen nationally. The more Trump is around, the more he makes these outrageous accusations, the more people may be turned off from his campaign.”

He was also critical of Trump’s response to the setback, releasing a statement accusing Cruz of conspiring to steal the nomination from him.

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“As the primary season drags on, inevitably, Donald Trump is going to suffer some losses hear and there, and what we’ve seen when he does suffer losses that he’s not very gracious about it. Yesterday was the first day that there was a primary election since Iowa where Donald Trump didn’t have at least one win. He’s lost a few other states, but Wisconsin was a stand alone primary and it was a clear loss for the Trump campaign. The fact they would put out a statement like that…is really telling.”

Danielson also predicted pressure will begin to mount of Ohio Governor John Kasich to end his campaign, allowing Trump and Cruz to go one on one the rest of the way.

“I think the calls for Kasich to get out of the race will intensify after Wisconsin. The reality is he hasn’t won a single primary, except for Ohio. He’s a fringe candidate at this point. There is a sense in the primaries coming up in April, at the end of this month, that GOP voters, even if they may be inclined to look at Kasich, are going to have to come to terms with the fact that Kasich is not going to be the nominee.”


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