By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A sleepy Uber driver let his passenger take the wheel and it ends with the car crashing after a high speed chase.

The 200 mile Uber ride that started in Philadelphia.

Twenty-year-old Juan Carlos, from the Bronx, hired an Uber driver to take him from Philadelphia to a college in Herkimer, in central New York this past Saturday.

And so on I-81 in New York near the Pennsylvania border, police say they tried to pull the car over because it was going 86 miles per hour.

There was a chase, police lost track, until the car car crashed into a guard rail just east of Binghamton.

Police took the two into custody and learned Carlos was driving because the Uber driver wanted to take a nap.

The Uber driver woke up and asked Carlos why he was going so fast. Police say Carlos answered because the cops were coming after them.

The Uber driver told him to stop, but police say Carlos kept going. He’s now charged for unlawfully fleeing police and driving without a license.

The Uber driver was let go and not charged.