Chris discussed last night’s Republican primary in Wisconsin, the plans for Villanova’s parade, and LeSean McCoy not being charged after a brawl with off-duty police officers. He talked with John Daniel Davidson from the Federalist about Trump’s handling of his defeat in Wisconsin, Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia Magazine about the lack of charges against McCoy, and the Hill’s AB Stoddard about how the Republicans are handling the primary election process.

6:00 Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders won in the Wisconsin primaries last night.

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6:03 Nate Silver at 538 projects Donald Trump will come up short of the delegates need to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot at the convention.

6:18 Donald Trump revealed his plan to get Mexico to pay for a wall along the southern border.

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6:51 The ‘Chase Utley Rule’ is called for the first time.

7:00 Villanova will have a parade in Center City on Friday.

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7:20 Chris talks with John Daniel Davidson from the Federalist about Ted Cruz’s victory last night in Wisconsin’s Republican primary.

7:37 Donald Trump is now saying his first answer to a question on abortion, where his said women who have them should be punished for having them, was correct.

7:50 Chris welcomes the Piazza Pet of the Week into the Studio. Check out if you’d like to adopt a pet.

8:00 Chris talks to Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia Magazine about Villanova’s victory in the NCAA Tournament and LeSean McCoy not being charged for his role in a brawl with off duty police officers.

8:20 Chris talks with The Hill’s AB Stoddard about last night’s Wisconsin primaries.

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