PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local author, yoga teacher, and mindfulness trainer says mental discipline was a key player in Villanova’s clinching of the NCAA National Championship. The author’s new book offers techniques that work on the court — and off.

Cara Bradley, whose book “On the Verge” comes out next week, describes herself as a “mental strength” coach who worked with Villanova’s basketball team for several years. She currently works with the Wildcats football team.

“I train them in having ‘fierce focus,’ which is to stay actively present in the moment, to show up, and lean in,” Bradley said, “instead of getting carried away with doubt and fear.”

She says Villanova’s commitment to developing the whole athlete — body and mind — was evident as Ryan Archidiacono and Chris Jenkins made the game-winning play.

“Their mind was out of the game,” Bradley said. “They allowed their bodies and their memory of doing this play to take over, which is why they weren’t swept up by the moment, but they were able to be fully present in the moment, which got them the National Championship.”

A moment that’s now a monument to a team for the ages.