By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie joined NBA writer Zach Lowe on his Lowe Post podcast on Tuesday.

Here are eight intriguing quotes from their conversation.

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(Listen to the podcast here).


Villanova (2:00)

“My wife was texting me last night, there were helicopters over our house because we live about a mile from Villanova’s campus.”

Why are you this podcast? (3:20)

Jerry Colangelo has encouraged me “to be out there more.”…”I’ve tried to do that.”

Do you care about the 76ers’ 9-68 record? (5:10)

“For sure. I lost twenty pounds in November to January.”

From stress?

“Yeah. It’s not close. This is serious for our fans, for our staff, for our players.”

Andrew Bynum (12:06)

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“Narrative when I came here that he didn’t work hard because of the bowling incident was anything but true. He was grinding.”

On LeBron’s decison when he was GM in Houston (18:50)

Hinkie tells the story of when he was at musical with his wife, when LeBron James was deciding where to play. He couldnt stop looking at his phone, because he needed LeBron to not pick the Knicks. The Rockets owned the Knicks’ picks.

“I have to know this. I agreed to come, but this is a big night.”

A theory on luck (30:00)

“Born in this country, born in this era — two-parent household, go to college. These are all lucky. We realize that right? They’re a wild set of circumstances that lead to like, you and I having this conversation for example. A lot of that was luck, a whole lot.”

What will Joel Embiid be? (41:40)

“We don’t know. What player in the league from this point forward is the most likely to be a multi-time all-star? That are not yet all-stars. And then how likely are they? It’s not 50-percent…is it 20 [percent]? Is it 10?

“He may be X percent likely to be a really good player, but he might be only Y percent likely to be able available to play. And the actually outcomes is the multiplication of those two. I actually think that’s where he will be. He’ll either be really interesting or he’ll be unavailable.”

Free-agency (47:00)

“We haven’t invested in a big way in that yet, but we have put ourselves to be in a spot as good a cap position as any team in the league. And I think we’ll be more aggressive this summer than we have in the past.

“We may end up going out and spending 10x or 15x than we have in the last three years combined.”

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