By David Spunt

By David Spunt

RADNOR, Pa., (CBS) — The Villanova University campus was crazy after Saturday night’s win and you can imagine what things will look like if the Wildcats beat the Tar Heels on Monday night.

Police in Radnor expect a lot of people on campus on Monday night. They have been looking at tapes from 1985, the last time the Wildcats won a National Title, to see how things were on campus.

The FBI, Homeland Security and the Philadelphia Police are all involved in preparations.

“Villanova is taking a proactive approach,” said Lt. Chris Flanagan of the Radnor Township Police. “There’s a message from Jay Wright on their different venues on how to be a good fan, whether you win or lose and how to conduct yourself, because celebration is fine. Having fun is fine. It’s just if people start committing acts that are illegal, then they are going to face the police and we hope that doesn’t occur.”

Authorities we be out on campus regardless of what the outcome of the game is. They hope it’s a quiet night. They hope not to be intrusive, but they said they will be there if there is some sort of problem.