PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former MTV VJ turned FOX Business Network Host Kennedy discussed the evolution of the music industry since the 1990’s and attempted to explain why MTV no long plays music.

Kennedy, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, says the the music world is an entirely different place that in used to be.

“It’s not how people consume music anymore. Now, music is such a different thing because, first of all, anyone under 30 considers music to be free and it’s such a seamless part of their life. It’s so integrated. In the 90’s music was very much segmented. You had a hip hop show, you had Yo! MTV Raps, you had a metal show, you had Headbangers Ball, you had alternative shows like 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation.”

She added that it appears the time for a single channel dedicated to playing videos has passed.

“Now, if you listen to Beats One, all of that stuff is totally integrated and music is integrated into people’s lives and they consume much more of it with greater ease. It’s made the whole scene so interesting, but it’s not a ripe environment to show it on TV.”