PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Head of the Philadelphia FOP, John McNesby, objected to the decision by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams not to charge former Eagle LeSean McCoy following his involvement in a brawl with off-duty police officers at an after hours club in Center City early on the morning of February 7.

McNesby, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, was outraged that McCoy and his friends will face no punishment for what happened.

“I’m shocked, disappointed, puzzled, pissed off. I can go on and and on. I don’t know what happened here. We were quite shocked. But when you think about it and look at it, I don’t believe there was ever really any intent on charging these guys.”

He expressed mistrust for the process and questioned the legitimacy of the DA’s inquiry.

“I think there was more effort done to not try Shady McCoy and his friends than to actually do a fair investigation. At the worst case scenario, this should’ve been tossed to a grand jury, an independent body to hear the facts, then decide whether or not to charge or to move forward. That was not done. There’s a lot of questions. There’s a lot of things here that just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

After the decision not to charge McCoy was announced, McNesby immediately sent a letter to the Attorney General and is waiting for a response, adding that the FOP will continue to pursue a range of alternatives.

“We have to look at other avenues. What they are right now, I’m not sure, but we will be looking at a lot of different options…Civilly, I think they would have a case. I don’t know whether anybody else would pick it up, maybe the Attorney General. The bottom line is, they left a lot of people, especially the investigators who investigated the job shrugging their shoulders, scratching their heads, people in [William’s] own office are wondering what happened here.”