Well-run big-menu food trucks are all over town these days. But trucks offering solid desserts? Tougher to find. So we headed to Love Park on a sunny afternoon in late March to see if we could find something sweet to go with that carryout cup of coffee.

milk + sugar

The Milk + Sugar truck is run by a mother-daughter team of self-taught bakers. The sign on the blue-and-black truck promises “cupcakes, cookies, cakes, catering, treats.” Only problem is, by 1 p.m. they had already run out of half the menu items. No lemon-blueberry for us on this day. And because the menu varies, we didn’t get to try some of the more interesting offerings – like sweet potato cookies or beer brownies.

OK, let’s try the salted caramel flurry frosted cupcake ($3). Moist, not too sugary, with a generous top of frosting and that smooth, creamy caramel on top. It’s a winner.

Another two bucks got us a six-inch round dark chocolate cookie with a ribbon of peanut butter in the middle. Another winner. So good that I didn’t want to share it with my wife.

Score – 81/100

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