CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — The crash of an Amtrak train Sunday morning that killed to workers and injured dozens of passengers occurred within a stone’s throw from dozens of homes near 6th and Booth Street in Chester, Delaware County.  Nearby residents heard the accident and witnessed the immediate aftermath.

Neighbor Trina Byrd says she had let her dog outside just before 8 a.m. when all of a sudden…

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“I heard this tremendous boom,” she said.

Byrd says men had been working all night along the train tracks just a few dozen feet behind her home on 6th Street.

“When I looked out the door all I saw was a cloud of smoke,” she said. “I didn’t see the train go past.”

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Byrd’s daughter was also startled by the accident.

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“I heard a loud crash,” said Tierra Byrd. “I saw the train go by and thought it was coming into the house.”

Soon after, police and other emergency crews arrived on the scene.

“I heard the foreman, I guess, running, saying ‘Oh my God, it’s an emergency,'” Trina said.

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She says she’s a praying woman, so she called her church members asking for their prayers for the lives lost.

“My condolences to all those involved,” Trina said.

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No homes appeared to be damaged by the accident.