By Dan Wing

BUCKS COUNTY (CBS) — A convention held at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, Bucks County this weekend is celebrating everything Three Stooges.

The Three Stooges Con had a little something for every fan including incredible memorabilia, all sorts of Three Stooges swag, a chance for fans to meet family members of everyone’s favorite knuckleheads, and the stooges themselves, as the old shorts ran on a constant loop.

Eric Lamond helped organize the event, he also happens to be Larry Fine’s grandson and an encyclopedia of stooges knowledge. He says that hard work was a key in the stooges success, and what made them beloved for almost a century.

“What they did, they did better than anybody else and what they did was funny,” Lamond said. “And that gives it longevity”

The convention also featured guest speakers, and items up for auction.