By Trang Do

By Trang Do

PHILADELPHIA(CBS) —  Villanova coach Jay Wright has become a bit of a style icon. He’ll have on a perfectly tailored suit for the Wildcats’ Final Four match-up against the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday.

It’s all thanks to Gabriele D’Annunzio, a master tailor from Newtown Square.

“He’s gotta look good,” he said. “Basketball is great, looking good is good.”

Jay Wrights tailor Gabe DAnnunzio (credit: CBS 3)

Jay Wrights tailor Gabe DAnnunzio (credit: CBS 3)

In business for 50 years, D’Annunzio of D&B Bespoke Tailors, has had many celebrity clients.

But his work for Wright has earned the coach the unofficial title of best dressed coach in college basketball.

“He carries clothing beautifully,” D’Annunzio said. “He’s always impeccable, from the first minute of the game until the last seconds, the man stays crisp.”

Sure enough, Wright will be wearing a custom suit tailored by his dear friend, should the Wildcat take it all this year.

“I think they’re playing great,” D’Annunzio said. “The defense is incredible, the best in the country, they’re so tenacious. They’re gonna win it.”

A win for the team is a win for D’Annunzio. He’s getting yet another chance to showcase his craftsmanship on a national level.

“It’s a very good feeling especially when the broadcasters are talking about it and saying how great he looks,” he said. “And I say, ‘Gee, say my name!'”

D’Annunzio said he doesn’t know which suit Wright will wear this weekend, but he’s going to text him with a few suggestions.