By Anita Oh

ARDMORE, P.A., (CBS) — A warning is out for dog owners on the Main Line. Some dogs in the area are disappearing and now there is surveillance video that one owners says shows two people trying to steal his dog right out of his front yard.

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Sumanth Joseph and his dog, Willie’s relationship is quite the happy picture, but it was a different story last week when Joseph says a couple in a gold Honda CRV tried to take Willie from his front yard.

They started pulling him through the front of the car,” said Joseph. “By the time I came up to the front, they had half of him already on the front center console.”

Home surveillance video caught the whole exchange.

“He’s something that I could never get over if I lost him that way,” Joseph said.

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He added that the couple told him they thought it was their neighbor’s dog, but he grew suspicious after seeing flyers around town that read “Protect Your Dog Now!”

The signed warned that a man and woman in a tan sedan are taking dogs from front yards.

“I hope you grow a conscious,” Joseph said. “It’s a pretty sick and sad thing to do.”

Dog owners in the area say they’re keeping a tighter leash on their pets after seeing the warning posters.

“It’s scary. My dog’s like my child,” said dog owner Anthony Coyle. “If anything were to happen to him, I’d be heartbroken.”

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While Joseph says he got lucky this time, “he’s never going to be really out of my sight. I’m not taking many more chances.”