HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — Governor Wolf’s decision to allow budget legislation to become law without his signature represents only a temporary truce in his battles with the legislature, not a sign of smoother sailing ahead.

Earlier this month the Republican-controlled state House and Senate sent the Democratic governor legislation intended to complete the budget he partially vetoed in December. Dissatisfied but facing the prospect of schools closing for lack of funding, the governor reluctantly said last week he would allow the latest budget legislation to become law without putting his name on it. But as Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna says, this battle will only continue.

“But it’s only an interregnum, meaning the battle will go on, the fight will go on as they get in to next fiscal year’s budget,” Madonna said.

Madonna believes the dynamic remains the same, a Democratic governor seeking significant tax increases, including a personal income tax hike, at odds with GOP majorities in the legislature. Madonna believes the battle lines are still drawn and sees little change in the months ahead.