By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania House members introduced a series of bills this week, aimed at discouraging illegal immigration.

Among them is a bill targeting Philadelphia, for its “sanctuary city” status, that was actually introduced by a Philadelphia representative.

Representative Martina White of Northeast Philadelphia joined fellow Republicans in introducing anti-immigration legislation.

Her particular bill would punish Philadelphia for not co-operating with federal authorities in reporting the detention of undocumented foreign nationals, by making it responsible for any damage that may flow from that.

“So if an illegal alien causes harm to one of our citizens and, you know, damages a car then our city of Philadelphia would be held responsible for that because it’s declared itself a sanctuary city,” she says.

White says she believes it’s in the public interest, despite the fact that voters overwhelming chose a mayor with well-known pro-immigrant policies.

Mayor Jim Kenney says no hard feelings, but he’s not changing the sanctuary policy:

“Legislators sometimes introduce things for their own constituent base and being a long-term legislator and politician myself, I understand that.”