It’s a business idea worthy of “Shark Tank.” Load up some trucks with warm, fresh-made cookies and milk, park them on college campuses, and stay open late to attract students looking to reward themselves for studying or – just as often – for imbibing.

That’s the idea behind Insomnia Cookies, which rove and park at most local schools. We found the truck on Temple’s campus on a cold March afternoon. In fact, we found it by following our nose, as the delightful smell of chocolate wafted nearly a block.

A six-pack cost us $8, and we went for most of the standards – peanut butter, chocolate chunk, double chocolate mint and the like. They also sell top-shelf “deluxe” offerings, including a fat chocolate peanut butter cup cookie that’ll set you back a few more bucks and 630 calories

The treats emerge from the bag warm and gooey, the chocolate immediately melting onto your fingers. Nothing wrong with that. We thought the cookies were a little too sweet, too sugar-laden, but I doubt any midnight muncher has ever lodged such a complaint. Overall, it’s tough to find fault with cookies and milk – they even deliver it to your door if you’re too stoned to go out.

Score: 75/100

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