PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski responded to the terrorist attack in Brussels by blaming open border policies and lax attitudes toward the dangers of radical Islam.

During an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Turzanski, the John Templeton Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said events like this will continue to happen until Europe does something about their inflow of immigrants.

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“This is Europe’s new normal and they can try to avert their eyes and say that they don’t have a significant problem, but this is going to be happening more frequently as they do that.”

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He believes terrorists are choosing to strike where they will be most successful.

“Europe is a large, open, soft target. The Europeans biggest problem, I would argue, has been their mindset. Are they waking up? In some places they are. The Eastern Europeans, by way of example, who haven’t been nearly as open and as muddled in their thinking for as long as folks in Brussels and in Western Europe writ large, they’ve thrown up a stop sign. They’ve said enough of this.”

Turzanski thinks that the more attacks like this happen, the more it will help politicians like Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump has managed to strike a chord that has resonated with the public. Because in our own case, even though the blessings of geography have seen to it that the problem we’re experiencing with Islamists isn’t quite as concentrated as it is in Europe, Trump has nonetheless managed to say, it is insane for us not to control our borders, and it is insane for us to allow people who have gone to fight for ISIS to come back into the country.”

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