RADNOR TOWNSHIP, P.A., (CBS) — For the second time in less than a month, a Villanova University student has been charged with dealing LSD from his dorm room.

This time, campus officials say, the incident began when a student, who had used LSD, was reported missing from campus Saturday night.

Villanova Public Safety Director David Tedjeske says campus officials, took quick action, working with police to find the student, who was treated at a hospital.

He adds that in another student’s dorm room, they soon found LSD and more than 3,800 “tabs,” which, if infused with the drug, would each have been a $20 dose.

“That’s a scary amount of LSD that could have been made active and distributed on campus,” Tedjeske told Eyewitness News.

“Obviously they were prepared to distribute it among Villanova students and possibly other areas,” explained Radnor Police Lieutenant Chris Flanagan, who praised Villanova officials for finding the drugs, allegedly hidden in a safe, and immediately contacting police.

Lt. Flanagan says police arrested John Visser, a student and charged him with drug offenses.

Back on February 15, another Villanova student was charged with dealing LSD after quantities of the drug were allegedly found in his room.

“We’re hoping it’s not a trend and it’s not something that’s going to continue,” said Radnor Police Sergeant Joe Pinto, who led the drug teams making both arrests.

Following the latest arrest, Villanova officials have now sent an email alert to all students, parents and faculty,warning about the dangers of LSD and other drugs, as well as providing resources for dealing with drug issues.

“We’re not leaving any stone unturned to deal with this,” explained Villanova Associate Vice President Liz Kennedy Walsh.

“We have a zero tolerance for drugs, if you’re using or selling them, you’re no longer on campus.”

Campus officials credit students with helping provide important information to help in the latest LSD incident and they encouraged students to cooperate with them in the future to keep LSD and other drugs off-campus..