Chris discussed Chris Christie appearing with Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Florida, Mitt Romney endorsing John Kasich and Hillary Clinton’s claim that ‘we didn’t lose a single person’ in Libya. He talked with economist Aaron Beam about ethics and business and foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski about airstrikes against ISIS and Russia withdrawing troops from Syria.

6:00 Donald Trump says John Kasich spends too much time watching the Golf Channel.

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6:19 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie participated in a Donald Trump rally in Florida by interviewing him.

6:20 Christie decided to skip the funeral of a NJ State Trooper to attend the Trump rally.

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6:48 Mitt Romney endorsed John Kasich for President yesterday.

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6:51 Michelle Malkin responded to Matt Drudge for a story posted about Ted Cruz.

7:00 Chris talks to economist Aaron Beam about ethics in business and the pressure on CFO’s to commit fraud.

7:20 Chris talks to foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski about an airstrike that killed a top ISIS terrorist and Russia withdrawing troops from Syria.

7:36 Hillary Clinton says ‘we didn’t lose a single person‘ in Libya.

7:40 Donald Trump and Chris Wallace argued about Trump University.

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