By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A move by Microsoft could change the face of gaming: the Xbox maker says players will be able to compete with those on other platforms — potentially opening the network that’s traditionally kept Xbox, Playstation, and PC users in their own worlds.

Like Babel after the fall, game systems have distinct languages — despite common threads among those who love to play them. So consider this a partial Rosetta Stone.

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The translation begins with Xbox One and PC: Microsoft says those using the console can link up with those on Windows 10 to play ‘Rocket League.’ That’s something Playstation 4 and PC owners have been able to do with that popular race car-soccer game.

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But it’s the prospect of crossplay between gamers on Xbox, Playstation, and Steam that is making for the real buzz: why not, in this age when Google makes apps that play nice with Apple, and vice versa?

Microsoft notes game developers would have to support the feature. The company says there’s an “open invitation for other networks to participate.”

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Commenters on online message boards largely hailed the move, with one saying “We’ve found the one thing all system fans can agree on: We all want to play with and against each other.”