By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Temple and the University of Pennsylvania are taking part in a ground breaking, multi-million dollar concussion and head trauma study.

At least 25,000 college athletes from 30 schools are participating in the NCAA’s $30-million research project.

“They’ll be monitored before and after a suspected concussion so we can predict outcomes and improve outcomes after a suspected head injury,” explains Dr. Dianne Langford.

She is an associate professor of neuroscience at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple and is heading up the research at their university.

“We ask how many concussions have you had? How are you feeling today? Do you have blurry vision, do you have a headache? We’ll also ask them to complete computer generated questionnaires and assessments. We’ll draw blood, we’ll do balance and ocular motor studies.”

Dr. Langford says with the information they gather, they’ll be able to compile a database showing which sports had the most and least concussions and if males or females had more head injuries and how their outcomes may be different.”