PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite rumors that advisers are suggesting Marco Rubio drop out of the Republican presidential primary, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is not wavering in his support for the candidate he’s endorsed to be their party’s nominee in November’s election.

However, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Toomey stated Rubio desperately needs to win his home state of Florida to remain a viable candidate for the nomination.


“I think that’s about right, yeah. I think he has a very real shot at it. I don’t know how it will turn out, but yeah, it’s awfully important that he wins Florida. I think they’ve acknowledged that.”

He is holding off the decision of picking another candidate should Rubio be forced to concede his road to the White House is blocked.

“I’ll cross that bridge if I have to. Right now, I think Marco Rubio still has a very viable shot in Florida and if he wins Florida, it’s a whole new game. It’s a completely new game. I’m not going to pick somebody at this point. I’m going to stick with Marco as long as he’s in this race and I think he’s got a very good shot at staying in.’

Toomey also made clear that despite reports to the contrary, he has a good working relationship with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, one of Rubio’s main rivals, along with Donald Trump, in the fight the nomination.

“I know Ted very well and I get along with Ted. Ted and I have worked together. We’ve been colleagues. I think we have a perfectly constructive working relationship. Yeah, he’s ruffled a lot of feathers here, hasn’t ruffled mine really. When Ted and I have disagreed, it’s probably more been over tactics than other things. I think the animus that is often reported on is usually exaggerated.”