Philadelphia (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says there is very little chance that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders team up on a Presidential ticket come November.

During an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Rick Grimaldi on the Rich Zeoli Show, Rendell, who thinks the former Secretary of State is close to clinching the nomination, stated that Sanders will stay in the race all the way through the convention and is not looking to settle for the VP slot.

“I don’t think that there is any possibility of that. What I think is that Bernie cares very deeply about the issues that he’s talking about. It’s been his life’s work. He believes that as long as he’s in there, first of all he accumulates more delegates, which gives him a little bit more leverage in the convention hall. Secondly, he can keep talking about his issues and keep Secretary Clinton’s feet to the fire, which he really wants to do. He wants to ensure that any trade agreement we get into is fair trade where American workers are protected and he wants to hold her feet to the fire on that. I think he’ll stay all the way. I don’t think he’ll be destructive. I’ll think he’ll be, basically, constructive but he’s got every right to do it.”