By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Philadelphia Flyers center Jeremy Roenick has some strong opinions regarding two of America’s most polarizing personalities: Kanye West and Donald Trump.

Last week, Roenick “sounded off” on those two playing a word associate game. On Tuesday, he elaborated on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show.

“We had one of those give me one word answers, so we’re gonna give you the word association,” Roenick explained. “So they said give me one word about Trump and I called him a bragger. Because he is a bragger, he loves to brag, and he’ll be the first one to admit he’s a bragger. But I also said he was one of the most generous people that I’ve ever — and gracious people — that I’ve ever met. Being around him, he can’t say enough nice things to you and he can’t offer more things for you to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. So, he’s a bragger but he’s also gracious.

Listen: Jeremy Roenick on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show


“I called Kanye arrogant,” he continued. “I called him extremely arrogant and then at the end, which they didn’t say, I called him a racist because I don’t like the way he talks about and tries to separate the different races and the different people. We’re all one and he seems to go against it all. I don’t like Kanye at all.”

Roenick, who says he has known Trump for about eight years and they are “golfing buddies,” does not think he is racist.

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“He cares about America and he wants to make sure that the people get into this country legally,” Roenick said. “If you call that racist, so be it.

“He’s definitely a hard-ass,” Roenick said of Trump. “He’s a guy that won’t get pushed around. He’s a guy that believes in his beliefs and he cares about a lot of people. I’m kind of shocked at all the name calling that he’s done in this whole campaign, but I do know that when he gets attacked he’s not going to sit back and just let it go by. And he’s a fighter. He’s a ridiculous fighter. And you don’t make money or be successful without being a fighter…But the name calling kind of surprises me about him and I wish he would slow down with the name calling and all the verbal attacks because he’s really not like that.”

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Roenick says he gravitated toward Marco Rubio, not Trump, but will vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination.

“I liked his youth, I loved his enthusiasm, I think he knows his stuff extremely well,” Roenick said of Rubio, a senator of Florida. “I like the fact that he’s in touch with a lot of different people. He was probably the first guy I was really drawn too.

“I’m voting for whoever wins the Republican nomination. I’m voting Republic I don’t care who it is. I’m definitely not voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders without question. But I’m not gonna be one of those donkeys that say, ‘If Trump wins I’m moving out of the country’ or ‘if Bernie wins I’m moving out of the country.’ Our country is the best country in the entire world and we gotta stand by it. We’ve had eight years of a debacle. We outlasted that, we’ll see what happens next.”