By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A relatively new business wants to pay you to drive your car, with an advertisement on it.

It’s called ‘Carvertise’ and it was started by two University of Delaware students several years ago. Now, it has 20,000 drivers, around the world, but mainly in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Co-founder Greg Star says it’s not for just anyone:

“First, is being a safe and courteous driver. Second, you have to be a little bit outgoing. If you’re going to put an ad on your car, you can expect attention being drawn to you, so people are going to notice the ads on your car, and you might talk to some people, engage with new people.”

Star says anyone interested should be driving at least 800 miles a month on their regular commute. He says it’s only a $100 a month paycheck.

Not much, but “some of our drivers use it to break even on gas every month. Some drivers use it to get a fancy dinner, once a month, like a date-night kind of thing.”

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