By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Another smash and grab robbery has occurred in Center City and the target was another high end retail store. This time it took place at 17th and Walnut in Rittenhouse Square.

“It’s been happening frequently around the area,” said Wendy Bancoff, a local shopper. “You just don’t know now where it’s going to happen.”

Store surveillance video captured two men and one woman smashing a window at Vince Clothing last Saturday in the early morning hours, quickly grabbing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

“They enter and quickly grab as many belongings and clothing as they possibly can. Ultimately, I believe around $12,000 worth,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford.

Police say these types of robberies are occurring more frequently. Just within the past month, the Century 21 store on Market Street fell victim to overnight thieves shattering a store window to gain entry

Nine masked suspects stormed into the newly opened Bloomingdales outlet at Liberty Place snatching thousands of dollars worth of jeans during business hours.

“These don’t seem to be connected,” Stanford said in terms of the robberies. “It just seems like we have three individual cases here that occurred here within the city, but they don’t seem to be connected in anyway thus far.”

Police are looking to step up patrols and work with business owners about keeping their property safe, while shoppers remain vigilant about their own safety.

“I think people should be more vigilant,” said Dawn McDougall, a local shopper. “We live in a city so I think people tend to not be as vigilant as they should be. Although, for the store owners it’s just unfortunate.”