PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Virginia Governor and presidential candidate Jim Gilmore criticized the Republican National Committee for surrendering their nomination process to the television networks and providing an advantage to candidates with greater name recognition.

During and interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Gilmore said the RNC ceded too much power to the networks.

“Running for President requires that a lot of pieces be put into place. Some of those things are obtainable by some candidates from day one and some candidates want to try to acquire them. The national notoriety, the ability to be known, the ability to gain the kind of finance that you need to have, some of these things have to be acquired. But frankly, when the RNC outsourced the nomination to the networks and let them decide who was going to be on the debate stage and who was not going to be on the debate stage made a big difference in the nomination process.”

He stated they lost control of the operation, to the detriment of the electorate.

“They were the one that decided that the debates were going to occur, that there were going to be multiple debates, they were going to be sanctioned, no other debates were possible and that they let the networks decide who was in and who was out, what the standards were, that’s improper. It’s wrong. They shouldn’t have done it. Now, I believe that the consequences of this may not be seen for a long, long time.”

Gilmore also insisted the networks reveal the worth of airtime they give to each of the candidates.

“In the interest of transparency and openness, when the networks give free television advertising to certain selected candidates and let their town halls and their rallies and their speeches and their call-ins be broadcast minute after minute and hour after hour, that is campaign contributions. It needs to be understood. I’m not in opposition at this point to any of these other candidates, but I would point out that Donald Trump said, I don’t have to spend any money for broadcast advertising because it’s all being given to me. It’s not fair. Nevermind whether it’s fair. It isn’t reported. The networks need to reporting the millions and millions of dollars of contributions they’re giving to some candidates and not to others, so that the ones who are not getting it can point out to the public they’re being disadvantaged.”