By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Why buy when you can rent?  Experts say it’s a growing trend as more and more people say they’re fed up with owning stuff.  As 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan found, for many renting is the way to go and you may be surprised at some of the things you can rent!

From bikes to books, cars to clothes, these days everything seems to be for rent.  Renting is so popular that marketing expert Audrey Guskey says it’s a top consumer trend for 2016.  She says,  “We are a throw-away society and we found that people don’t want a lot of stuff.”

Need a dress?  There’s for that.  Need some green space?  Check out  Looking for a wedding gown? can rent you one at a deep discount.

According to Guskey, “A lot of things you can rent that you would never dream of renting.”

On you can rent a vacation home.  But have you ever heard of Airpnp?  It’s where you can rent a bathroom! In fact dozens of bathrooms were recently available for rent along the Mardi Gras parade route in New Orleans.

“You can even rent a casket,” says Guskey.  Some funeral homes offer the option for someone who wants to be cremated but also wants a viewing.

Finally, for those who want to rent a car from someone or even rent out your own car to make some cash, check out   In Philadelphia they’ve got every sort of vehicle from Honda’s to Mercedes available to rent.

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