3pm – BREAKING: Carson Not Attending Tomorrow’s GOP Debate: ‘Do Not See a Political Path Forward’

3:20pm – Rich breaks down Super Tuesday results.

4pm – Lindsey Graham: Maybe It’s Time to Rally Around Cruz, The Guy I Joked About Murdering Last Month

4:20pm – CNN Commentator and Author of What America Needs The Case for Trump Jeffery Lord discussed his debate with Van Jones, Super Tuesday’s results and Mitt Romney’s address regarding the presidential race.

4:50pm – This Year’s Highly Effective Flu Shot

5pm –  How to stop Trump? GOP leaders search for a way

5:20pm – Congressman Sensenbrenner discussed his article, Welcome to the Legal Minefield Laid by Obama and the Feds.

5:30pm – Jake Tapper asks Marco Rubio if in denial

5:50pm –