By Tim Jimenez

WYNNEWOOD, Pa., (CBS) — The FBI and IRS are now investigating a spear phishing scam that puts every employee of Main Line Health at risk for identity fraud.

Spear phishing is a tactic cyber criminals use to get personal information from companies and organizations. Main Line Health, which runs Lankenau in Wynnewood, along with Bryn Mawr and Paoli hospitals, learned about spear phishing the hard way.

Officials say on February 16th, an employee opened up an email that requested the information of those who work in the health system. Officials say the person who received the email thought it was real and sent the info.

Main Line Health officials say they first learned this happened soon after the IRS issued a warning on Tuesday, that there’s been a spear phishing surge this tax season:

Scammers are getting access to some W2 Forms, however Main Line Heath employees’ W2 forms were not compromised.

Main Line health officials have opened up call centers for employees, who will also have access to credit monitoring on the company’s dime.

For patients, officials say their personal information has not been released and is not compromised.