By David Madden

By David Madden

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (CBS) — Perhaps a sign of life at the old Revel casino in Atlantic City, as owner Glenn Straub turned on the lights, so the speak, the other day.

The globe atop the structure that’s been dark for a year and half was lit up Monday night. Straub told KYW Newsradio he wanted to be sure it works.

“Making sure all the computers that run it and everything else, which ocean air has obviously done its damage so we’re probably just going to put another computer on it.”

Straub is looking for a soft reopening just as the summer tourism season heats up.

“We’ve been working for 10 months down here,” he said. “Trying to make sure everything when we open up on June 15th that everything runs the way it’s supposed to run.”

By then he hopes to have a small casino, a few hundred hotel rooms and some of the restaurants and other amenities back up and running. Not to mention a year round indoor amusement facility.

It should be noted he’s had plans and target dates set before, and they all came and went. But with the largest obstacle, electricity, now addressed, Straub is free to pursue his project, however it turns out.