By Michael Cerio 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You may have seen David Cook pop up recently on American Idol.

Before heading back out on tour, the season seven winner stopped by the show last month as a guest mentor. “I think people acknowledge what this show has been for a really long time, which is just a great platform and a huge opportunity for people to get their foot in the door in the music industry” says Cook on American Idol’s farewell season. “Hopefully this isn’t the swan song for it. Hopefully it can come back in some other form and continue to be a great platform for new artists.”

David Cook knows a bit about resurgence himself. Winning Idol in 2008 was a musical rebirth for the singer who played in rock bands around Tulsa in years prior, but more recently he left Los Angeles for the new ways of Nashville. In that Cook found a new approach, and he seems to have expanded his sound on his latest album Digital Vein.

“Moving to Nashville, it just felt more like home, it just felt more creatively open. That’s really kind of the gasoline that fueled making this record” explains Cook. “Some of the best storytellers in the world live in Nashville and write music for a living, and so to really get into those creative circles and try to learn as much as you can from that process and take it into your own writing, I think it’s allowed for a really cool growth and a really cool maturity in the songs on this record.”

You can hear those songs from Digital Vein, along with much more this Wednesday March 2nd at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. To hear more from David Cook, check out the full interview below.