PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Political columnist, author and conspiracy theorist Roger Stone laid out what he thinks is the plan to take the Republican nomination for President away from Donald Trump during a floor fight at the party’s convention in Cleveland at the end of the Summer, anticipating a scenario where delegates leave the billionaire for a more palatable candidate after the first round of balloting.

Stone, in an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the strategy has already been orchestrated.

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“The game plan here is to stop Trump using a combination of Kasich, Rubio, Romney and Bush short of the nomination. So, Trump could run the table, get a plurality in all the primaries and caucuses, but still get to Cleveland just short of the magic number, in which case, they will then try to maneuver this to a second ballot and the second ballot frees a number of delegates who are bound to vote for Trump by law, but not favorable to Trump on the second ballot, where they can vote their own preference. That is the game plan. It’s the big steal.”

He claimed large money donors are already working behind the scenes to insert Florida Senator Marco Rubio, or even 2012 nominee Mitt Romney onto the top of the ticket.

“There was a meeting in DC last week pulled together by the Koch brothers. They did raise $75 million for a stop Trump effort. An onslaught, which has already begun on television, you’re going to read in the papers it was $25 million, I’m telling you it was $75 million. I had a quisling in the room. The same week, they raised $25 million in New York for Marco Rubio, with the condition that he’s got to show some leg in the Florida primary. If he loses his home state, he gets the hook and Mitt Romney is in.”

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