PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Political columnist at Breitbart, John Hayward, reviewed the final Republican presidential debate before Super Tuesday and came away believing that nothing happened to take away Donald Trump’s momentum.

Hayward, during and interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, thinks Trump remains the face and voice of this campaign season.

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“He’s captured the spirit of the moment. After all these years, seven years of Obama, failure, incompetence, Obamacare…All these years of absolute failure, America at its lowest ebb in history and then here’s Trump. He’s brassy and he’s bold and he’s going to make America great again. People just respond to that attitude. They give him a pass on almost everything else because that’s the attitude they wanted to see and in this moment, it really sells.”

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He thinks one of the qualities that attract supporters to Trump is the way he handles to the media.

“They look at Trump and they say you can’t drown him out, the media can’t ignore him. He’ll find a way to make them cover him. He’ll say things that somebody like Mitt Romney would never say, because he knows that’s what he has to do to get attention. It’s not illogical that they feel that way. At the beginning of this race, I thought Trump’s celebrity and media command is one of the reasons people affirmatively like him. They’re not being bamboozled. They really want a guy who can command that kind of coverage to go out there and wallop the Clintons.”

Hayward stated that both of Trump’s competitors, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, performed admirably, but did nothing to swing the election in their favor.

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“I think Cruz did a really good job of explaining why Trump shouldn’t be the candidate and Rubio did a good job of explaining why he should be. That was the key difference in their performance, but Trump was also good at what he’s been doing all along. At this point, I just don’t know if there was a way for anybody to win the kind of seismic victory that would change what’s coming at us on Super Tuesday. There aren’t enough late deciders that are out there. There are people that change their minds, but it seems like in most primaries, going back to last time and the one before that, all the drama is over pretty early.”