Philadelphia (CBS) – Norristown Attorney David Farrell has filed a lawsuit challenging Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s status as a ‘natural born citizen,’ and his eligibility to run for President.

Speaking with Rick Grimaldi on 1210 WPHT’s Rich Zeoli Show, Farrell explained his goal is to clear up the issue, not to advocate for an opponent of Cruz.

“It wasn’t out of any political motive whatsoever. To be perfectly frank, I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m tired of it being an uncertainty in American politics. It’s a shadow around the entire electoral process. It has to be resolved at some point.”


He claimed the matter should be determined now, before the nominating process is finished.

“I am a Republican, so I think that’s an element of standing. I can be directly effected by this. I think any Republican should have an interest in making certain that their vote counts. Let’s say I decide to vote for Ted Cruz. Well, if I have this cloud of uncertainty hanging over his candidacy, how can I be sure that my vote is going to count.”

Farrell said the lawsuit against Cruz is the best way to put this issue to bed forever.

“This is the purest case to flesh out, once and for all, what does ‘natural born citizen’ mean.”