PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After the Philadelphia Archdiocese revised its rule and for the first time was going to allow a Catholic league male wrestler to take on a female wrestler, a new development has switched things up.

Another wrestler had to drop out of the tournament. Now, Tatyana Ortiz, from Mariana Bracetti Charter School, will take on a male from the public league.

For Catholic high schools in Philadelphia, men and women competing in contact sports has been a no-no. That rule almost meant a potentially career-ending forfeit for Tim McCall this weekend.

That is until a surprising change of heart.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Philadelphia Archdiocese earlier in the week and prompted this response:

“The decision to take part in any post season individual championship PIAA wrestling match will be at the discretion of the individual student and his parents.” – Ken Gavin, Archdiocese of Philadelphia Spokesperson.

Meaning Tim McCall could wrestle Tatyana Ortiz after all. But again, with the bracket revision, she will now take on a boy from the public league instead of Father Judge’s McCall.