PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ed Rendell assessed the state of the race for the White House and sees both parties close to choosing the candidates that will square off in November.

Rendell, speaking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, envisioned a path that would seal the nomination quickly for Donald Trump.

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“What Trump needs to absolutely ensure a victory is by the time Texas votes next Tuesday, if he beats Cruz in Texas, Cruz is effectively out. If you can’t win your home state, you can’t be the nominee. Then, a few days later, is Florida. If he beats Rubio in Florida, Rubio is effectively out. So, it’s pretty much all over unless somebody can stop Donald in one of the big states, it’s pretty much all over.”

He speculated on a deal that could be in place where Ohio Governor John Kasich agrees to stay in the race to take votes away from fellow establishment choice Marco Rubio in exchange for Trump bringing him in later on as his Vice-President.

“That would be an excellent political deal if that’s been made. The Trumpster is a dealmaker so, I wouldn’t put it past him…Ohio has been close enough the last couple elections that having a popular Governor as a Vice-Presidential candidate could deliver Ohio to the Republicans.”

On the Democratic side, Rendell concluded that Hillary Clinton has sewn up the nomination, but that Bernie Sanders is not yet ready to give up.

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“Bernie is going to lose South Carolina badly. He’s probably going to lose the vast majority of states on Super Tuesday. I think it’s really hard for him to be competitive going forward. Now, he’ll stay in the race because he’s got a lot of money and he wants to drive the issue agenda. So, he’ll stay in the race, my guess, is all the way through California, the first Tuesday in June, but I don’t think it’ll be very competitive.”



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