Chris discussed Ted Cruz firing of a campaign spokesperson, the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI, and a contrary narrative in the accounts of a fight between LeSean McCoy and off duty police officers. He talked with John Fund about the myth of Donald Trump’s inevitability.

6:00 Texas Senator Ted Cruz fired a spokesperson for spreading a video featuring Marco Rubio that questioned his religious convictions.

6:19 The legal battle over iPhone encryption between Apple and the FBI continues.

6:35 What’s Trending: Adolph Hitler, Grandfather’s Picture, Rihanna, Rob Thomas

7:00 John Kasich was criticized after saying ‘women came out of the kitchen’ to support him.

7:05 Kasich told Megyn Kelly on FOX News that he opposed a PAC running an ad featuring an interaction he had with a voter.

7:18 Donald Trump discusses his plans to make businesses like Carrier and Apple produce their products in the United States.

8:00 Conflicting narratives have emerged related to the fight at an after hours club in Philadelphia involving former Eagle LeSean McCoy.

8:08 Marco Rubio continues to get endorsements from the Republican establishment.

8:20 Chris talks with John Fund from National Review who says Donald Trump is not the inevitable Republican nominee.

8:35 What’s Trending: Game of Thrones, Damn Daniel, Saint West, Louis Farrakhan,