PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you ask his attorney, LeSean McCoy did nothing wrong in the Olde City nightclub fight.

However, according to SportsRadio 94WIP’s Hollis Thomas, five independent sources tell him that McCoy actually “sucker punched” an off-duty police officer over a bottle of champagne during the reported brawl at Recess lounge on February 7th.

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“The off duty cops were there,” Thomas, a co-host on the Josh Innes Show and former Eagles defensive tackle said on Thursday. “They [the off-duty police officers] were there before Shady and his crew got there.”

Listen: Hollis Thomas On The Josh Innes Show


“Apparently they ordered two bottles,” Thomas continued. “One of the bottles was placed on their table. One of the off-duty cops went to grab the other bottle.

“One in Shady’s crew feels like that’s their bottle and he grabs it too. In the midst of some words being exchanged, the word was that Shady allegedly kind of sucker punched the off-duty cop.”

Thomas said multiples sources told him that the off-duty police officer was not given the chance to identify himself as such before McCoy allegedly hit him.

“From what I’ve been told his next words was, ‘I’m a—.’ And then he got popped [by McCoy],” Thomas continued. “The funny thing is, from every source it was pretty much the same thing story that came down. It was like, I was dumb founded.”