COLLEGEVILLE, P.A., (CBS) — The stomach illness that swept through Ursinus College this past week is still a mystery to school and health officials. Despite the uncertainty, the school has announced that classes are scheduled to resume on Monday.

Reports rushed in throughout the week from students suffering from stomach ailments, but the school announced that as of Friday, those reports were significantly dropping. 10 new reports did come in during the weekend.

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With those new reports added, the number of impacted students has grown to approximately 200. Officials say the illness seemed to impact students for 12-14 hours.

Students React To Mysterious Illness At Ursinus College

The school has announced that it has yet to be determined whether or not this was a food-borne illness or something that was transmitted from person to person. Health officials say that it could take up to a week to test and determine a cause.

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Ursinus public spaces and common areas have undergone deep cleaning throughout the weekend to prepare for classes to resume. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also being installed throughout the campus and that effort will continue throughout the week.

On Saturday, the Montgomery County Department of Health issued a second Inspection Report for Food Establishments dealing with Ursinus’ dining facilities and ensured that they are in compliance with regulations.

The Wismer Hall dining facility was closed on Wednesday and reopened the following evening by Ursinus.

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