By David Spunt

VINELAND, N.J., (CBS) — A small business owner in South Jersey is doing what he can to help tackle the drug problem in his community.

He’s doing it with a pizza box. Rolman Morataya told Eyewitness News he has already put about 4,000 labels on pizza boxes, encouraging parents to talk to their kids about teen drug abuse.

Pizza is always an important topic for Morataya, but so is the war on drugs.

“Stop saying the kids are bad,” said Morataya, the owner of Romeo’s Amore Pizza in Vineland. “The kids are not bad. It’s the parents that are bad because they don’t want to talk to the kids about drugs.”

Customers seem to enjoy the message as does the police force in the area. Morataya says that the stickers will stay on the boxes as long as he is in business.