By Justin Finch

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — There’s been less foot traffic about the Ursinus College campus for two days, as classes have been canceled amid the break out of a stomach bug.

One the college has been fighting since Tuesday when students and staff began reporting symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Joelle Previty says, “That girl who was standing next to me, she had to go throw up. So, turns out she was sick.”

Dr. Paul Doghramji says, “We think there’s probably a virus, and when you think about a virus doing that, the most common one is norovirus. So just statistically speaking, it’s probably norovirus.”

Eden Abrams, a student says, “If I do get sick, I mean, we have the wellness center on campus, as well as urgent care, so I’m not too worried about it.”

Since Tuesday afternoon, a total of 192 students have reported symptoms related to stomach illness. Only a handful of faculty and staff have reported symptoms.

After passing Montgomery County Health tests, Wismer Hall dining re-opened, and is among several campus common areas now open, after crews spent days wiping them down.

Assistant Dean of students, Missy Bryant says, “We also really had a focus on high traffic areas. So obviously residential living spaces, common areas, lounges, bathrooms, fitness center. All of that has been completed and will continue with those cleaning and sanitizing efforts in all of those areas.”

While on-campus dining services were closed down, Collegeville-area businesses stepped up providing free food.

“So far everything is good, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

And now health officials and Ursinus students and staff are waiting for the test results to see what this illness is, and how it spread.