PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Todd Stephens, a Republican State Representative from the 151st District in Montgomery County, is leading the investigation into whether Attorney General Kathleen Kane should be impeached after her law licensed was suspended last year when she was charged with leaking grand jury information and lying about it.

Stephens, during an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Rich Zeoli, promised Kane will receive a fair, unbiased hearing of the facts.

“There’s no pre-ordained conclusion here. The House has voted, overwhelmingly to authorize an investigation as to whether or not we should impeach Kathleen Kane. I’ve been tasked with the responsibility of leading that investigation. It will be a bi-partisan investigation. It will be a fair investigation. It will be a thorough investigation and we’ll follow the facts where ever they lead us and ultimately come to some type or recommendation for full House of Representatives to consider.”

He stated no one involved in the investigation is taking the matter of impeachment lightly.

“The standard in the Constitution is just misbehavior in office. The Constitution doesn’t provide much more guidance than that. There are some cases over the years but in the end, it’s a serious matter. We’re talking about upsetting the voters will at the last election, which is obviously a considerable measure. We’re going to be taking a hard look at what’s gone on. It’s going to have to be egregious conduct to warrant impeachment.”

Stephens expects more than what has been reported in the media to come out in the investigation and to factor in the result.

“We’re going to see where the facts lead us. I know what I’ve read in the paper and what I’ve heard on the news but I haven’t seen actual testimony from witnesses and I haven’t seen actual documents. We don’t have the whole story. As a committee, we are going to get the whole story about what’s gone on and we’ll reach a conclusion one way or the other.”