PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A cruise ship that ran into a severe storm in the Atlantic Ocean was forced to return to port in Bayonne, NJ, leaving passengers shaken.

John Volz, a passenger on Caribbean Cruise Line’s Anthem of the Sea, recounted his harrowing experience to Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

“Things were rough. We went through the morning and at lunch time it seemed to really escalate. We were in the dining room and people were barely being able to walk from one end to the other. Carts were out of control, flying across the room. It got a little scary. We just thought maybe that’s the way it is at sea sometimes…We went up to the solarium, which is the indoor pool area and sat down and we were watching the waves just kept getting bigger and bigger and out of control. We decided finally to go back to our state room. When we made it to our deck, there was already water all over the floor. Someone got hurt because there was an emergency crew there with a stretcher.”

He described it like something you would see in a movie theater.

“It got to be like the perfect storm kind of movie, like you’d see…Things were flying off the shelves. Doors were flying open. Drawers from our dresser were actually coming off the hinges, flying across the room. It was sort of scary. We prayed, my wife and I and we just decided it’s out of our hands.”