By Michael Cerio 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The confetti has settled, Papa John has been kissed, and everyone woke up with hot sauce in their bag. It’s the morning after Super Bowl 50, and there’s a lot to unpack from the thirteen minute spectacle that was Halftime.

Here’s five things we learned.

Chris Martin Is Happy To Be Here

Coldplay quickly gave way to the Yoncé and Bruno Mars battle, but before the spotlight turned to those previous performers, Martin bounced with joy and a mile-wide smile. In the weeks leading up to Sunday, Martin was humbled and even a bit nervous about the size of the Super Bowl stage – but come show time he was the effervescent string needed to keep it all together.

Leather Sleepwear

While Coldplay’s wardrobe looked to be sourced and stitched in the back of a pour-over coffee spot, Bruno Mars and Bey were hell bent for leather. Possibly from an MC Hammer yard sale, Mars and crew donned leather pajamas through their “Uptown Funk” performance. Meanwhile, Beyoncé rocked a Michael Jackson inspired leather top, fishnets, and something zip-front from the Wilson intimates collection. As bright as Coldplay came, it got revved up right quick.

Check The Video Montage For “Special Guests”

We had heard for months how Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show would be a celebration of the past, present, and future with special guests. Beyoncé was announced early on, Bruno Mars was all but confirmed throughout, but everyone else’s invitation got lost in the mail. Instead we got a video montage of past performances to the tune of “Fix You” – which is nice, but it’s not Janet or Prince.

Beyoncé Was Not Political

24 hours before kickoff, Beyoncé dropped a surprise video for “Formation” filled with political imagery. Throughout the clip she is sinking on a cop car in New Orleans flood waters, a child stands up to a line of police, and even Martin Luther King Jr. makes a cameo – however, the performance lacked all of that both lyrically and visually. Everyone had their outrage pre-loaded in the chamber, but what we saw was a NFL sanitized version of “Formation.” Instead of #BlackLivesMatter we saw something out of Grease Live with Bruno Mars, and I’m sure that’s what the NFL preferred.

Left Shark Where Art Thou?

In the end, everything was very nice – but there really wasn’t a Left Shark moment to talk about this morning. There wasn’t even a Bruce’s crotch in the camera moment . Bey had a minor dancing trip that was ultimately nothing, and a sign of grasping for anything memeable. We do however have this picture of Eli Manning being sad, so I guess it’s a wash.

That’s a wrap on Super Bowl 50. Check out Beyoncé again this summer in a football stadium near you.