PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most people can think of a movie where a male relentlessly pursues a woman trying to get her to reciprocate his romantic feelings.

Most times, in the movies at least, it works out. But is that having a negative effect on females in real life?

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A study found although exposure to a film that depicted a persistent pursuit as romantic did not necessarily lead to greater stalking-supportive beliefs for all participants, results did indicate that media portrayal of gender aggression can have prosocial effects, which can lead to an increase in stalking supportive beliefs.

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“At their core, all these films are trading in the ‘love conquers all’ myth,” expert Julia R. Lippman tells Canada Global News.

“Even though, of course, it doesn’t. Love is great, but so is respect for other people.”

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“Exposure to a film that depicted persistent pursuit as scary led participants to endorse fewer stalking-supportive beliefs, while women who watched rom-coms were more likely to accept the behavior as normal,” the report concludes.