Chris continued to review the fallout of the Iowa Caucuses, and previewed today’s court proceedings on whether the charges against Bill Cosby will stand. He talked to CBS 3’s Walt Hunter about Cosby’s case, The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan Last about Iowa, and Victor Fiorillo from Philadelphia Magazine.

6:00 The Bernie Sanders campaign may contest the results of the Iowa Caucus.

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6:18 Chaka Fattah Jr. was sentenced to five years in prison.

6:26 Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter accused a CNN panel of gender bias in their assessment of Hillary Clinton.

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6:50 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called Florida Senator Marco Rubio the ‘boy in the bubble.

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7:00 Chris talks with CBS 3’s Walt Hunter to preview Bill Cosby’s second day in a Montgomery County court hearing on whether the charges against him can proceed.

7:20 Chris talks with Jonathan Last from the Weekly Standard about the aftershocks of the Iowa Caucus.

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8:00 Chris talks to Philadelphia Magazine’s Victor Fiorillo about the sentencing of Chaka Fattah Jr. and what to expect from today’s proceedings surrounding Bill Cosby.

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